VanDyke SecureCRT provides  IT pros a very user-friendly client to manage command line devices and SSH hosts with. Connecting to devices securely is one thing, and there are other products that can achieve this goal, but with SecureCRT, multiple connections can be managed in tabs to allow you to work between sessions without changing windows.

Here are some my favourite settings to customize SecureCRT:
1. Edit Default Settings for terminal Emulation
If you are using Linux devices, please choose Linux as your Terminal. For network / security devices, use VT100 will be best choice.

I also like to set Scrollback Buffer to 5000. If you choose ANSI color, the appearance color will be depending on the color codes sent by the remote application.


2. Appearance
I like to use Traditional as color scheme. But keep that in mind, if you choose ANSI color for your Terminal Emulation, you wont be able to get the color scheme you set from here.


3. SSH

SSH2 always prefers when choose for ssh protocol.


4. Enable Log file to automatically use different name


Log file will be saved in following format:

Here are other possible substitutions:

%H – hostname
%S – session name
%Y – four-digit year
%M – two-digit month
%D – two-digit day of the month
%h – two-digit hour
%m – two-digit minute
%s – two-digit seconds
%t – three-digit milliseconds
%% – percent (%)
%envvar% – environment variable

5. Chat Window to Send Commands to Multiple Sessions at the same time
If you are going to execute same command in multiple sessions at the same time, chat window will help you. Enable Chat Window and Send Chat to All Tabs, you will get the job done faster.


5. SecureCRT Script
5.1 Write your own SecreCRT scripts with three different language:vbs,Js,python . Here is a good post: secureCRT脚本编写
5.2 Record your scripts


Here is an example recorded by this command:

#$language = "VBScript"
#$interface = "1.0"
#Screen Refresh in 1 second
crt.Screen.Synchronous = False
Sub Main
    While 1
        crt.Screen.Send "ls" & chr(13)
        crt.Sleep 1000
End Sub